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Searching for the best dentist near you is the first step towards a healthier and sparkling smile, Dental clinic in Chandigarh is run by the renowned dentists, they are highly skilled and are trained in best of the institutions in India and abroad. The dentists are very friendly and will ensure you are most relaxed and comfortable during the treatment, they will spend sufficient time with each patient to explain the treatment in details, its benefits, and outcomes. They provide the most accurate care with the least discomfort, even children undergo treatment without any trouble.

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Smile Spa is a unique concept. In-office bleaching, depigmentation of gums, cosmetic makeovers and tooth jewelry offer complete cosmetic solutions to the patient. Pre-Bridal Dental cosmetic packages are available to make you beautiful and confident. Our practice has taken several successful strides since its inception. The new Dental Implants Clinic with its modern procedure room equipped with cardiac monitor, oxygen concentrator, physio dispensers, centrifugal machine crash cart, and modern implant instruments is now considered as the pride and best dental clinic of Chandigarh-Tricity. Our social initiatives have helped us in achieving the self-satisfaction of giving back to the society which has given so much to us.‘We take end-to-end dental care with the most sophisticated and modern equipment. Dental protection at a reasonable cost is what we deliver which is supposed to be our most protected value. We can assure all our clients a satisfactory dental treatment which will encompass their expectation and tell our success story’

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We understand that finding the right dentist, for you or your entire family, is a very important decision, we provide the highest quality of dental care to our patients in a comfortable and family-friendly environment. The clinic has a comfortable and modern reception area for receiving and documentation of the patients. We use Practo software to maintain patient records and for appointment scheduling & records. Our board room is well equipped for our monthly meetings and for conducting various patients and Dentist education program. Various tooth brushing aids guide you about oral hygiene at the brushing station.


To establish a system of reliable, timely and good quality dental services with the patient centered approach. Our social initiatives have helped us in achieving the self-satisfaction of giving back to the society which has given so much to us. We keep updated to most up to date and current trend High quality treatment. We use State of art Dental Equipments, latest technology, techniques and quality materials to deliver the best dentistry available today. We have one hour laser tooth whitening, invisible aligners, digital xrays, dental microscope and intraoral camera so that you can see what the doctor says. All treatment are explained with animations for you to have a clear picture. Appointments are well maintained and with convenient payment options, we provide you maximum comfort and deliver waiting free, pain-free and hasslefree dentistry. We follow a strict protocol of sterilization and promise no free offer of cross infection.


Thank you for visiting our website. Our knowledgeable and friendly team of dental specialists, hygienists and technicians warmly welcomes you to our modern dental practice.

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